Monday, January 11, 2010

The use of the word "Allah" controversy

Just like scores of other Malaysians who had to hear of churches being vandalised and torched, i am very saddened and dissappointed. These incidents should not have occurred at all.

What has been done cannot be undone and I sincerely hope that Malaysians all over will keep a level head and forge hereon forth with a great amount of level headedness and wisdom to deal with the situation at hand. I believe we can overcome this and not fall into the trap that some with vested political interests and temerity would want us to.

We have grown as a nation and this is just another opportunity for us to demonstrate to the world that we are indeed 1, however way you cut it.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Short short Movie review "The Hangover"

I watched the hangover the other night. Its basically a story of four friends who decide to have a bachelors party in Vegas. Needless to say, they decide to live it up by renting a villa/suite in a upmarket hotel and to get wasted. However, they get more than what they bargained for when one of them decides to spike their drinks with ecstasy. This is done without the other 3 knowing about this. In addition, to make matters worse, the dealer whom this dude buys this x from mistakenly gives him rohypnol which is a date rape drug.

So now these clowns are not only high on alcohol but also cannot remember what they did the night before when they come to the following day. They meaning the 3 that wake up in the hotel suite because they also find out that the groom to be is missing. The movie takes you through their escapades and how they go about locating their buddy who is missing.

So if you intend to watch this movie, you can leave your brain at home and enjoy the hilarious moments when they occur.

The Beauty of ABS

For those of you who do not have even a drop of motorhead blood in your system, the abbreviation above stands for Antilock Braking System. Im sure it could mean a thousand other things, some of them vulgar but for now, it has to do with brakes.

Last night i was driving home alone after supper and was almost home when i had to apply emergency brake aka stepping on the darn brake v v hard to avoid a car in front of me who decided to stop before deciding to turn into a lane where some shops were. Besides the food almost hurling out onto the windscreen and seeing our lives flashing before our eyes (the other driver and mine) i somehow managed to turn in time and avoid a pretty nasty accident because i like to drive fast. My bad.

Anyways, the brake did its thing which means to say that the brake will function but in an emergency situation like that I was in, it doesnt lock up and allows you some leeway to steer the car. It really made a difference bcos without it, I would have surely crashed into him. When i reached home, i just couldnt believe i managed to avoid him and came out of the car and checked twice just to make sure i wasnt dreaming the whole thing up. Damn. ABS surely has my vote as one of the best inventions of mankind besides toast, condoms, 50 calibre rifles and ferrari 458's.

There is a God, trust me. Just be careful what you call him.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Phasing Out Foreign Security Guards in Malaysia for 2010

I just read from the NST this morning about our government's decision to phase out security guards of foreign nationality starting this year in phases. This they say is to give locals a chance of landing a job more easily. +++ Bewildered+++ Now since when have locals been eyeing these peoples jobs going, damn these foreigners!!!

Apparently, there are approximately 300,000 of these guards working in Malaysia. I know, its a huge amount. The reason why is that our locals are too damn lazy and think its hard work considering the pay. I can almost see the myriad faces of pakciks or uncles (toothless, .. mind you) around the country who are retired going "now heres an opportunity for me to make some pockey money". Now picture these toothless pakciks/uncles with their shirts tucked out manning your security booths during the day and "night". During the nights they fall asleep with their heads on the table with their mouths open. They drool too. Some even fall asleep standing up leaning against the wall. Quite a feat.

I dont know about you but I live in a condo and have foreign guards who do a good job taking care of security where I live. To be more specific, these guards are Nepali and though not all of them are Gurkhas, they are a disciplined lot and are quite alert, honest and polite. Ive had experiences with local guards and they are definitely a few rungs below the Nepali guards in terms of professionalism on the whole. Im sure you know what im talking about. Our local guards are so much more problematic and have issues, if theyre not fast asleep half the time.

So im quite concerned when I read this news and sincerely hope that the government will do an about turn on this policy just like they have done on so many poorly planned directives. I have a strong hunch they will.

Pivot Throttle Accelerator on 2009 Camry 2.0 G Review

Quite a while back I went to to an auto accessories shop in KL to get my car auto foamed to reduce NVH. This isnt to say tht the Camry isnt refined but i had an itchy backside and had nothing better to do tht one afternoon. So while waiting for the technicians to strip my baby to get to the chassis, i had some time to wander around the shop and this little device called the Pivot throttle accelerator caught my eye.

Anyways, to cut the long story short i had it installed in my Camry the very same day. This little device is very easy to install and can be tucked away neatly on the front side of your dashboard in some little corner. Basically, it has 3 settings i.e. Economy, Normal and Sport. In addition there are 5 levels of economy and 7 levels of sport settings, depending on how much effect you want at each mode. It costs less than RM2k and i must say thats its a nice thing to have as i think its more effective in getting a better acceleration than the ECT button which already comes stock with the car. However, it does make your drive more jerky if youre not careful with your foot on your gas paddle as it makes it more sensitive and also, naturally more torquish than normal, a whole lot more if you set it at SP7 which means sports setting at level 7. Youll get used to this in short order so no need to sweat it.

On the other hand, you can also set it lower to either normal or econo mode if youre caught in a traffic jam and youre set for a smooth drive (and save petrol while ur at it) that uve come to expect from the Camry. All this can be done with a touch of a button. EZ pz.

This product is made in Japan and though ive had it for about 9 mths its worked like a charm, no problem and if youre interested in getting it installed i think youll enjoy it as much as i have. Money back guarantee ;)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bruno Movie Review

So its a Saturday nite and I decided to get 3 movies to watch, not at one go ... for better or worse. I got Bruno, The Hangover and Invictus. Feeling like I wanted to watch something outrageous tonite i decided to watch Bruno first.

Before anything, i must say ive watched the trailer of this movie from the net and somewhat expected that it was going to be funny and outrageous though a little risque. Well it was all that and i must say that i had a few laughs going initially but somewhere around 2/3's in, you cant help but feel like they were overdoing the gay thingy and thats when things started to get really stale. I know, I can almost hear you say what??? 2/3's in? It took you that longgg??
But after all, what would you expect, this is borat/bruno and you cant in your right mind expect this to be a critically acclaimed film. So if you have to watch this buy a small box of popcorn because i have a feeling quite a few of you are going to leave before the movie's done. I really hope the Hangover is going to be better, it better.... lolz. Will write again after I watch that.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

So its the beginning of a new year and decade. One of the things ive decided to do is to start this blog.

Firstly, i dont really believe in new year resolutions per se because i dont really keep them and so does 99% of the rest of the world. However, as i start the new year im grateful for many things and will try to keep more positive and attempt to get a few things right i didnt last year. For one, i will be mindful that "it is better to give than to receive". Really, in all sense of the word whether in deed or by speech and expect nothing in return. Hopefully ill get better at this. Just wanted to get this off my chest.

Id also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Super Duper New Year where all your wishes come true. Stay cool, safe and healthy!